About Classifieds

The Classifieds section is not for promoting puppy mills or donating animals to science. There are so many terrible things that go on on sites like Craigslist. We focus on responsibility and accountability. We know who is posting ads and have standards. For Sale is for pet ITEMS. Crates and collars that have been outgrown, crowns of shame no longer needed, food or treats that didn’t go over well, etc. Rehome is meant to be used by rescue groups for simple posting of animals that can be updated frequently. It will go into the database and be searchable and available to people around the world. Rehome can be used for families that can no longer care for dogs but we encourage you to research the new homes to make sure that the animal will not be discarded or worse. Changing homes is hard on an animal, especially cats. We’d like to help pets find forever homes. Please use this site responsibly with the happiness of the pets at the forefront of your mind. If you are here to spread more ill sentiment, or to do anything less than pamper and spoil any animal featured on this site, please go to Craigslist and rejoin your kind. More to come on Classifieds.