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  • The Hollywood Roosevelt

    Address: 7000 Hollywood Blvd
    Los Angeles
    United States
    Place photo:

    The Roosevelt is a wonderful old hotel. It’s right on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame and really stands out. They have the best Halloween party every year and allow dogs. Our only trouble was taking him out to go to the bathroom throughout the night. First we had to leave the party, then get him and take him down in the packed elevator, then through the crowd and out, and then each time had to fight past the crowds and show our wrist bands to get back inside. That’s not a normal thing there though. Just on Halloween. The area around the Roosevelt isn’t the best, so though it’s very safe inside and has valet etc., taking your pet out to go to the bathroom is somewhat of a hassle. Not sure if it has to be a service dog. I can’t remember. The rooms are renovated and nice. Very fun place!

  • Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails 24-hour Veterinary Hospital and Clinic

    Address: 3030 Northgate Dr
    Iowa City
    United States
    Place photo:

    Open 24 hours.  We took our dog there at 11pm one night after discovering a tick. They took it off for free.  Very nice.  Will definitely go here again.  Large staff of highly qualified veterinarians.  Prices were pretty high for certain things, such as spaying.  Other things were more reasonable, like testing for heartworms.

  • La Quinta Inn and Suites Denver Gateway Park

    Address: 4460 Peoria St
    United States
    Place photo:
    Price: $89

    I was driving from Los Angeles to Iowa with a German Shepherd in my Jeep. Decided to pull off of the I-70 for the night. Going through the mountains, places like Vail were ridiculously expensive (though beautiful and a great place to stop for food). If you can hold out til Denver, or are simply looking for a hotel in Denver, I highly recommend this La Quinta. They are pet-friendly, first and foremost. The rooms are really nice. They are modern and clean. It’s a large building so there are all kinds of amenities. It is directly off of the I-70 on the eastern side of Denver. I called around to a bunch of places and a few recommended La Quinta. I’m not sure if all La Quintas are pet-friendly but this one was. Bonnie, my shepherd, walked right in past the front desk and into the elevator up to our room on the third floor. The picture shown is her enjoying the comfy bed with her bear.

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