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Rehome Pets
  • Jasper

    Price: $50

    Jasper is 8-months-old and great with kids! He is such a great member of the family, in fact, that he gets huge separation anxiety whenever his family leaves. Since his family members work or have school, Jasper has to stay home alone sometimes. These are the times when destruction strikes. Jasper has chewed through a kennel and demolished a TV. He is, to put it nicely, difficult to contain. Jasper LOVES to be outside. He enjoys the dog park. He is also a lab mix, so he loves the water. Jasper has Labrador, Beagle and German and Australian Shepherd in him. His mother was a full-blooded Aussie. Jasper is a very unique mixture of traits from some amazing working dogs. He has never tried herding nor agility, but might be fantastic at both. If you are looking for a loyal companion to be by your side ALL OF THE TIME, please consider Jasper. He has all of his shots and is neutered. He also has a lot of toys and a new kennel that he could bring with him.

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