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The Whole Long Story

Thank you for visiting! My name is Bethany. This section explains the impetus for creating a safe place to share pet business. I created this site originally in April of 2016 with the idea of focusing on accountability. That and a far-reaching, yet locally dynamic, community without limitations. Here’s the long, gory story:

I was working at a plastic surgeon’s office in Brentwood, California and decided very impulsively one Friday evening to fulfill my life dream of owning a German Shepherd. As I was waiting for the last filler patient to receive her treatment, I got on my phone and searched for German Shepherds on Craigslist. It seemed like fate that someone had JUST posted an ad for puppies. I called him and he said that his phone had been ringing off the hook since posting. I said, “I’m coming to get one RIGHT now. Don’t give any away!” He gave me directions to his home in Long Beach. For those not familiar with Long Beach, it is over an hour South of Brentwood at rush hour. I called the guy again after closing down at work and hopping on the 405 Freeway.

He said that he was in Compton and would be home before I got there. He asked if I wanted anything for dinner. I started to get bad vibes. Like, “Am I going to be there for a long time…?” I ignored the bad vibes and said “no thank you” about the dinner. Then I asked him to tell me more about the puppies. He said that the cutest one was a girl. She was the largest one in the litter. I said, “Hide her! PLEASE don’t give her to anyone! I’m almost there.”

Definitely was not almost there. In the following hour of driving I gave my whereabouts to a few people via cell phone, just in case I was about to be detained. Everyone told me not to go. They said that Long Beach was extremely dangerous and that I was crazy. I wondered how Craigslist could be so negligent in allowing just anyone to post an ad. It’s really preposterous when you think about it.

I thought that there should be a safer community, that was easily searchable, just for pets and pet things. This community would have to be available to those in metro areas, as well as small towns in the middle of nowhere. Why not? If it’s on Google Maps it should be included in Classifieds. The other must would be a site that is well known. Who wants to visit Classifieds that don’t have any ads? I’m getting ahead of myself here. Back to picking up the puppy…

Everything ended up being okay. I did pay a ridiculous amount for her, and even more after it turned out that she had some kind of parasitic worm in her belly. We were in and out of the vet over the next few weeks getting all of her shots and having her treated for various other parasites including fleas. I’m happy that everything ended up well with my dog. There just is no guarantee in these types of situations.


Bonnie’s first trip to the vet. She loved the baby scale!


With all sorts of things on my mind I created the first incarnation of the site in a website builder through GoDaddy. The site did not have the capabilities that I had in mind. Through research I discovered WordPress, and thought that I might be able to figure it out. The Customer Support team at GoDaddy warned me about switching to WordPress. They even recorded me saying, “Yes, I understand” on the phone.

Since April I have worked on the site off and on. It’s still manifesting every day as I come up with new ideas and discover new directories, widgets, and plugins. Please let me know about any difficulties you are having with the site, or any suggestions.  I am learning all of this as I go so I’m sure there a long way to go before everything is operable, functional, and attractive.

Thanks again for stopping by! Make sure to create a profile for your pet in Pet of the Day.  They can be featured on the site and in social media. They will also be searchable to other pet owners in your area for play dates. Have fun using the site!

Yours truly,

Bethany Ryan

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